House BR Como


The wooden house is designed to arrange the main rooms (living and dining room, kitchen, bedrooms) to the South, thus respecting the requirements of bioclimatic architecture. Mirroring, towards the north – and towards the street – there are the service areas, such as the laundry, the bathrooms, the pantry, the staircase. The woodland strip to the north, along the road, determines a micro-environment that contributes to reducing the acoustic impact, a natural barrier that the project aims to enhance.

The house is a parallelepiped on two levels emptied into the corners in order to obtain a large covered entrance and a loggia on the first floor. The flat roof protrudes on three sides, so as to protect the facades and windows from rain and partly from the sun. Finally, the facades are enriched by large windows and moved by aluminum blinds with wooden slats.

On the ground floor the living area is characterized by an open kitchen and open to lunch and living room, all areas in close connection with the garden and the swimming pool, while the services are located to the north to act as a filter towards the cold and street noise; on the upper floor there are the bedrooms, the services and a second living room, in dialogue with the double height of the dining area.

The volume of the box is large enough to also contain a fitness area and a relaxation area and is connected to the house through some spaces – laundry, bathroom, guest room. Below an external pergola, which dialogues closely with the main building, echoing its architectural language, there are a kitchen, a table and a pool locker room. Both the box and the pergola have a flat green roof.

Few materials are used: the plaster of the casing; the anthracite gray paint of the frames; the wood of the blinds; the natural aluminum of sheet metal work.

The systems installed are advanced: home management is entrusted to home automation; summer and winter air conditioning is guaranteed by an air heat pump with thermodynamic controlled mechanical ventilation; the photovoltaic system is installed on the flat roof. The house is not connected to the gas supply.

The garden, designed by the landscape architect Giuliana Gatti, is an integral part of the house and wants to be contemporary and sustainable, paying attention to saving water and conserving biodiversity. In addition to the two large cherry trees that stand out for their extraordinary size and beauty, positioned at the entrance, a row of Carpini trees is added to the east, which extends from the garden entrance towards the pool area, surrounded by a lawn, bordered by rosemary, while to the west by flowering apple trees arranged in a quincunx with underlying oval-shaped borders.



Year: 2019
Structure: Wood
Client: Private
State: Under construction
Location: Como