Mauro Rivolta graduated in architecture in 1996 and started his professional activity working for some architectural firms between Milano and Varese.

In 1998 he attended the European Master on Bioclimatic Architecture, developing a sustainable approach to architecture.

Between 2000 and 2001 he travelled accross central and northern Europe, Sri Lanka, following the trasse of Geffrey Bawa, Australia, meeting the architecture of Glenn Murcutt.

In 2003 he attended the course of Italian National Association for Bioecological Architecture (ANAB) becoming a specialist in bioarchitecture.

In 2004 Studio Ecoarch was founded by Mauro Rivolta; few years later architects Davide Ferrari, Alessandro Cremona and Matteo Tagnocchetti joined the firm.

Since then, we designed our buildings linking a strong formal and compositive research to a deep sensitivity for natural materials, always looking at the latest innovations in building technology.

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Around each work Studio Ecoarch gathers experience, know-how, creativity and research. Our work is based on an expert management of all design processes and a severe budget control in order to satisfy the different needs architecture must express.

We think that the way to quality in architecture depends on the continuity of design development and on an intensive dialogue with customers, developers and users.

We work together to get the highest synthesis between function and beauty. We can push the performances of our buildings to passive house standards featuring state-of-the-art technologies: geothermic plants, heath pumps, photovoltaic systems, solar panels, greenhouses, green roofs and sun shading systems.

These choices, besides a correct bioclimatic layout and a strong wall insulation, lead to a minimum energy compsuntion: a self-sufficient, zero emission home is the best investment for our families and for the environment.

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Mauro Rivolta

Architect graduate from the Polytechnic University of Milan. European graduate of “ Bioclimatic technology in construction,” from ABITA through Polytechnic University of Milan. Trained in “Thermal solar installations,” from AMBIENTA ITALIA in collaboration with ISES and the Lombardy Region. Diploma in organic building technology, post graduate specialist course in bio-ecological architecture from the National Association of ANAB – IBN – SEB. Responsible for the planning of both private and public structures maintaining an interest in ecologically sustainable structures. Also offers consultation and information services as well as holding conventions.

Davide Ferrari

Architect graduate from the Polytechnic School of Milan, where he achieved cum laude a doctorate on architecture of infrastructures. It carries out design activities, focusing in particular on urban and public space issues, housing, sustainability and green building. He is author of essays and articles and rapporteurs at international conferences. He is a teaching assistant at the School of Architecture, Urban Planning and Construction Engineering of Polytechnic of Milan.

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Matteo Tagnocchetti

Architect graduated first from the Polytechnic School of Milan and then in Denmark, with a thesis on the sustainability and the life cycle assessment of buildings. After some experiences in design studios in Italy and Sweden, he was a member of the teaching team for the Master in Sustainable Architecture at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, in Norway. He has been collaborating with Studio Ecoarch since 2023.

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Alessandro Cremona

Architect graduated from Polytechnic School of Milan, with a thesis focused on the addition of new didactic spaces for Mendrisio Academy of Architecture. He attended extracurricular courses about wooden architecture technology and bio-climatic strategies for architecture. He had a working experience with Promo_legno, a society that promotes the use of wood in construction industry.

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