PS Interiors . Varese


The project involves the internal redistribution and energy redevelopment of a late sixties apartment in the heart of the city of Varese.
The apartment is part of the complex called “condominium of the sun”, work of the architect Guglielmo Mozzoni.

The project arises from the premise of redefining the interior spaces according to a contemporary logic.
From a functional point of view, the apartment is organized on two levels and provides the living area with a service bathroom on the ground floor, meanwhile the sleeping area with two bathrooms is on the first floor.
Two terraces and a small balcony complete the unit.

The design approach was to keep the position of the services unchanged, instead working freely in all other environments.
The living area is organized as a single large room separate from the entrance by a filter space.
In the center, the original metal staircase that leads to the first floor is maintained.
On the first floor, the two main bedrooms and the guest area are designed to be extremely flexible, leaving the possibility of modification over time.

Finally, natural light takes on a decisive role.
Two internal windows, positioned in correspondence with the stairwell, distribute the natural light coming from the large openings on the terraces, thus ensuring the correct lighting in every room.



Year: 2022
Client: private
Status: project
Place: Varese