Casa BG Varese - Esterno 1

House BG Varese


The prefabricated wooden house is built according to the concept of bio architecture in a residential area from where you can enjoy a wonderful view over lake Varese, the Sacro Monte sanctuary and Monte Rosa. Unfortunately enough, this marvellous view (is opposite to south orientation). Bio-climatic solutions helped the architects to reconcile the considerable solar gain (south) with the panorama views (west and north).

For the above reasons, all service spaces (entrance, bathroom, kitchen, and bioclimatic greenhouse), and two staircases (the first leading to the basement, the second from the loggia-terrace to the roof) are located on the south side of the house. The living spaces (living room, studio, and bedroom) are thus located north to enjoy the precious view; however, the large sliding glass doors in the kitchen and the bioclimatic greenhouse mitigate the absence of a direct solar gain. Finally, in the basement are located storage spaces and garage. On the roof are located solar panels, roof garden with wood deck.

The house consists of two clearly distinct parts. An interrupted layer of larch boards clads the low and forms the basis on which the upper part with plaster walls “rests”: the close dialogue between the solid basement volume and the lightness of the overlaying structure is one major factor of interest for this project. The openings of the living spaces therefore correspond to the premises: ribbon-shaped windows to look at the landscape north and much wider windows south, and a large window to the west that looks out over the loggia-terrace and a breathtaking view of Monte Rosa.

The garden and the green roof, designed by architect Giuliana Gatti, are an integral part of the house where the “green space” articulates in a simple, contemporary expression. Few medium-sized trees and low shrubs and bushes at the four corners of the land area soften the setting and arouse a sense of circularity that is enriched by aromatic plants and flowering shrubs. The grassy stairs on one side and the terrace steps on the other solve the height differences, linking them. At the south entrance a flowering magnolia tree and hedges of white-pink roses. On the roof the garden continues partly with a gravel covering and partly in lawn with two flower racks of grasses and euphorbias. This garden concept, although reduced in size, offers large lawn spaces to ensure greater fruition and functionality.




Year: 2019
Structure: Wood
Client: Private
State: Completed
Location: Varese
Photo credits: Carola Merello