House BP Pavia


House BP is a house designed for a couple who has chosen to move from the city center to the countryside.

It is a compact building, characterized by spaces and volumes of great simplicity blend harmoniously.

House BP features a welcoming living area with a living room, kitchen, and services, as well as a sleeping area with two bedrooms and two bathrooms.

Services and bathrooms are placed to the north, while the living areas face south and the master bedroom to the east, where one can enjoy the early morning light and the enchanting view of the woods.

The result is an architecture that evokes the Mediterranean: simple forms, white plaster, and green roof that seamlessly merges with the environment. Pergolas adorned with climbing plants embrace the structure, bringing the nature from the outside to the inside.

A distinctive feature is the wooden chest, partially covered and transparent, designed to accommodate cars instead of the traditional enclosed garage.

This project not only integrates perfectly with the surrounding environment but also adopts strategies to address the increasingly warm climate of our latitudes. From the construction of massive walls to the use of radiant heating systems with VMC, from the green roof to rainwater collection, to the adoption of light colors to mitigate summer overheating, every detail has been carefully considered.

Special attention has been paid to the landscape, its relationship with the countryside, and the surrounding woods, following a deep biophilic approach: love for nature is the beating heart of House BP.



Year: 2023
Structure: Wood
Client: Private
State: Project
Location: Pavia